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Bachelor and Master projects

Below is a selection of projects suited for Bachelor or Master level.
There are more options. Please contact me to find out.

Unravelling protein aggregation for plant-based food design
We elucidate protein gelation using protein microparticles, which allow us to follow the gelation process in 3D and real time. Read more …

SolarFoil: Nanocrystal films as spectral converters to enhance photosynthesis
We explore highly fluorescent nanocrystals as spectral converters to optimize light for more efficient photosynthesis to increase crop yields. Read more …

Active colloidal architectures
Biological materials are still a mystery. In this project, we obtain insight into the interplay of activity and structure, unravelling some of the basic nonequilibrium mechanisms that also govern biological materials. Read more …

Superlubric particles for friction and wear reduction
Superlubricity is a new mechanism of ultralow friction between solid surfaces, due to incommensurate atomic lattice alignements in 2D materials such as graphene. In this project, we investigate how to lift superlubricity to the macroscopic scale to make it useful as superlubricant. Read more …

Quantum-dot assembly for future photovoltaics
We investigate the photo physics of semiconductor nanocrystals for use in optoelectronics and photovoltaics. Read more …

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