Research Group Peter Schall

Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam


Prof. Dr. Peter Schall
Chair Soft Condensed Matter Physics
Room C4.228
Tel. +31 20 525 6314


Dr. Yingying Tang
Nanocrystal Synthesis and Assembly
Room C4.234b

PhD students

Marco van der Laan (PhD student)
2D materials for photovoltaics
Room C4.234b

Nick Koppasis (PhD student)
Active colloidal architectures
Room: C4.232
E-mail: n.oikonomeaskoppasis – at –

Susan Rigter (PhD student, shared with Prof. E. Garnett, Amolf)
Assembly of perovskite nanocrystals for photovoltaic films
Room: C4.234b
Email: S.Rigter – at-

Nelson de Gaay Fortman (PhD student, shared with Prof. F. Koenderink, Amolf)
Active optical metasurfaces

Ina Flaucher (PhD student)
Spectral conversion layers for enhancing photosynthesis in algae growth (with IBED, Prof. Huisman)

Abhishek Gupta (PhD student)
Flow and contact networks of superlubric colloids for friction reduction

Liu Qiuyu (Phd student)
Flow-induced assembly of proteins and patchy particle models

Dongdong Zhou (PhD student)
Superlubric properties of fullerene particle ensembles – simulations

Congcong Diao (PhD student)
Aggregation and rheology of plant-protein-based gels

PhD position on structuring of protein gels for meat analogues

Master Students

Joppe Floor (MSc student)
Scalable dry synthesis of 2D perovskite nanocrystals for spectral shaping applications


  • Dr. Ankit Goyal, Ball milling synthesis of silicon and perovskite nanocrystals
  • Dr. Janne-Mieke Meijer, Veni postdoc, Assembly of colloidal cubes by critical Casimir forces, now Assistant Professor at TU Eindhoven.
  • Joep Rouwhorst, PhD “Nonequilibrium network
    formation in soft materials” (2020), now at ABN AMRO.
  • Simon Stuij, PhD “Colloidal Design: Building, Bending and Breaking” (2019), now teacher at University of Amsterdam.
  • Emanuele Marino, PhD “Assembling nanocrystal superstructures“, now postdoc at U Penn (Chris Murray group)
  • Dr. Laura Rossi, Veni postdoc, Designer magnetic colloids, now Assistant Professor at TU Delft
  • Dr. Thomas Kodger, Postdoc, Colloidal physics, now Assistant Professor at Wageningen University
  • Dr. Dolf Timmermans, Postdoc, Optoelectronic properties of quantum dots, now Assistant Professor at Osaka University.
  • Dr. Benjamin Bruhn, Postdoc Colloidal quantum dots, now Manager at PwC accounting
  • Dr. Dmitry Denisov, Postdoc Complexity: Granular avalanches and Traffic Modelling, now Credit Risk Modeller at Rabobank.
  • Truc Anh Nguyen, PhD Self Assembly of Anisotropic Particles with
    Critical Casimir Forces
  • Dang Minh Triet, PhD Non-equilibrium transitions in
    colloidal glasses and gels
    , now Assistant Professor at Can Tho University.
  • Daniel Miedema PhD Transport in Complex Driven
    , now Research Associate at Amsterdam Medical Center (UMC).
  • Dr. Sandra Veen, Postdoc Colloidal aggregation in microgravity, now Senior Research Scientist at Electric Ant Lab.
  • Yasser Rahmani, PhD Micromechanics and rheology of hard and soft-sphere colloidal glasses, now R&D Director at O2G.
  • Duc Nguyen PhD Phase transitions and interfaces in temperature-sensitive colloidal systems, now Data Scientist at Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science.
  • Dr. Kinga L√∂rincz Postdoc Critical scaling in granular matter, now Head Of Content at Enlight Ed.
  • Chantal Carpentier PhD Three-dimensional visualization of contact networks in granular material (joint with Molecular Photonics Group), now Restaurator Paintings (Amsterdam).
  • Vijayakumar Chikkadi, PhD Spatial correlations and deformation
    modes in sheared colloidal glasses
    , now Assistant Professor at IIser Pune.

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