Research Group Peter Schall

Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam

Unravelling protein aggregation for plant-based food design

Protein aggregation is central to biomedical sciences and food preparation; yet, understanding and predicting it remains a grand challenge due to the complexity of protein interactions. In particular, plant-based proteins offer a sustainable and healthy alternative for their animal counterpart for new plant-based food, but design requires understanding and predicting plant-protein gelation & breakup. We use a novel combination of experiments and AI-based modelling to efficiently investigate and model protein aggregation on relevant lengths scales. Experimental aggregation studies serve as input to learn AI-based models. Furthermore, we use direct observation of (pre-aggregated) protein microparticles to directly follow the protein aggregation in 3D and real time. Your work can focus either on the experimental or the computational side; we are happy to discuss directions and tailor the project towards your interests.

Supervisor:              Peter Schall,
Daily supervisors:  Starla Liu or Congcong Diao

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