Research Group Peter Schall

Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam


Besides the equilibrium gas, liquid, and crystal phases, many structures in biology are out-of-equilibrium network-like structures. These structures exhibit peculiar mechanical properties. We investigate their formation and mechanics using model protein and colloidal particles whose attraction we adjust with external control.

We obtain insight into the ubiquitous gelation phenomenon using temperature-tunable critical Casimir forces. These allow us to reversibly adjust the interaction of the particles to aggregate them and to follow the particle-scale aggregation process in-situ. Read more …
See also our recent publication in Nature communications

Protein gelation is central in biology, health and food science. We use protein microparticles to follow the protein gelation process on a larger scale. The gelation is induced by slow acidification, shifting the particles to their isoelectric point, thus reducing their electrostatic repulsion and making them increasingly attractive. Read more …

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